Empowering businesses to develop strategic relationships for national and international partnerships

CorporateHub provides a platform on which different business ventures under its ecosystem

  • share professional knowledge and innovative thinking
  • gain connections to expert advice on business planning and marketing strategies
  • achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Our Story

CorporateHub is part of The Corporate Group, providing Singapore companies with the full suite of services to help Start, Run and Grow your business.

Round-the-clock Office Working Space and Facilities
at Competitive Prices

Located in Hong Lim Complex, one of Singapore’s prime office rental properties, we are just a stone’s throw from major banks, legal services, financial consultancy and management firms and logistics companies. The area is served by both the North-East and Downtown MRT lines, and more than 20 bus services call at bus stops surrounding the area. On top of convenient location and old Singapore charm, many of the island’s most famous traditional foods are also found here, together with hipper, fusion-themed restaurants and pâtisseries.

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