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Creating a Perfect Environment for Passion & Success

CorporateHub is a collaborative, synergistic environment where meeting the right people can make all the difference in running and growing your business in Singapore. When you sign up with CorporateHub, our team of experts and their entire business network will be behind you, providing you with the right connections and solutions to make your business venture a success.

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Co-Working Space

Co-Working is Cost-Efficient

CorporateHub provides co-working space of various sizes for short-term lease. Tenants are able to decide the best workplace strategy for their business avoiding high upfront capital cost and long-term commitment.

Future looks bright for co-working space

Reports indicate that 50 percent of enterprise companies will be involved in the shared space industry by 2020.

“Coworking and coworking spaces are going to revolutionize and disrupt the way that we know and understand traditional office spaces and environments all across the globe. We will see a shift away from long term office leases into more flexible solutions typical of coworking spaces.” (Future of Everything, 2018)

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Our Partner Firms

Financial Advisory, Compliance Audit, FinTech, Digital and eCommerce solutions are some areas of expertise our partner firms bring to you as part of our CorporateHub ecosystem.

  • With more than 50 years of combined regional experience in corporate advisory, Acres helps companies in Asia with complex corporate services and issues in the fields of transaction advisory, forensic accounting, restructuring and insolvency.

  • Fenzo Digital is an integrated full service digital agency which has been delivering on digital promises, utilising best practice methodologies, a perfect mixture of art and science. We are experts in all areas of digital marketing and eCommerce, so our clients enjoy a hassle free joined-up approach to their entire digital strategy.

  • GDC Technology Limited (“GDC Technology”) is a leading global digital cinema solutions provider with the largest installed base of digital cinema servers and TMS (“Theatre Management System”) in the Asia-Pacific region and the second largest globally. GDC Technology develops, manufactures and sells scalable cinema automation system, TMS, cinema enterprise software such as CMS and NOC, and digital cinema servers that meet the highly demanding performance, security and reliability requirements established by Hollywood studios.

  • Drummond Pte Ltd provides a distinctive calibre of offset and digital printing, and print-related services that promise to redefine your idea of print. Established since 1978, we have accumulated decades of experience and expertise in printing like no others.We offer a broad spectrum of services, ranging from graphic design and conceptualisation, printing, print marketing, fulfilment, to letter shopping and mailing. Whether you are looking for conventional offset printing, digital printing, large format printing, variable data printing, sports events printing, customised clap banners or personalised gifts, we can do it all. Our end-to-end capabilities allow us to assist our customers at all stages of print communication development synergistically.

Our Partner Specialists

Our Partner Specialists offer subject-area expertise and resourcefulness to support your business development.

Darren Ku
Darren Ku
The founder of VentureHaven, Darren drives the daily operations of the Singapore team. With over 12 years of corporate advisory under his belt, he is a highly talented and experienced business professional, as well as a highly regarded team leader.

VentureHaven focuses on providing corporate clients with financial accounting and advisory services. Its extensive suite of services ranges from company registration, corporate secretarial services, regulatory compliance to statutory bookkeeping, all dedicated to supporting companies throughout their business cycle.

Tee Wey Lih
Tee Wey Lih
Wey Lih, Tee is the founder and director of Acres Advisory. He has more than 15 years of regional experience in the field of corporate turnaround and financial advisory. He has worked with companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Singapore.

Acres Advisory helps companies in Asia with complex corporate services and issues in the fields of transaction advisory, forensic accounting, restructuring and insolvency.

Derek Waterhouse
Derek Waterhouse
Founder and principal of Contingent CXO, Derek has deep experience in analysis, business design & implementation across Australia, Asia & UK. He is passionately involved in solving market & product challenges for clients through consulting & advisory services; launching an online business advice marketplace to connect professionals; and addressing challenges that inhibit potential & issues that impact operational stability.

Contingent CXO supports Clients, by focusing on:
-Business Modelling – entity optimisation
-Positioning – marketing & sales solutions
-Process Re-engineering – platform adjust
-Risk Mitigation – resolve & prevent risk
-Resource Planning – platform efficiencies

Besh Vaezin
Besh Vaezin
Founder of Fenzo Digital, Besh has a dual background in engineering and business, multimedia marketing (MBA). He is very experienced in design, UX and strategy, as well as conceptual thinking. Besh is not only passionate about supporting entrepreneurs from Asia, Europe, Canada and Australia by promoting their brands and generating leads for them, but also applying his experience, passion, and expertise with fastidious craftsmanship to produce intuitive, engaging and meaningful digital experiences for the brands.

Fenzo Digital is an integrated full service digital agency specialising in all areas of digital marketing and eCommerce. Its interdisciplinary team combines creative thinking with the premier technology consistently to craft exceptional user experiment solutions across web, mobile and social media.

Dean Cheong
Dean CheongHead of Marketing
Dean is in-charge of all marketing and public relations facets of the business. He brings with him more than 16 years of sales and marketing experience at both the SME and MNC levels.

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